Pain Concerns?

Welcome to the PRO-NOX comfort zone


Regardless of the medical procedure you are undertaking, all patients share one common concern:

Will it hurt?

The truth is, most laser procedures do cause some degree of discomfort, anxiety, or both. At Summit Laser Surgery, we offer nearly ALL of our patients PRO-NOX analgesic gas. You likely know this more simply as “laughing gas”.

PRO-NOX is a fixed, FDA-cleared blend of 50/50 nitrous oxide and oxygen analgesic gas delivery system. It will provide you with 100% control through self-administration. Based on decades of extensive research and proven success, this mixture provides short-term relief of pain and anxiety, with the need to “go under”. This preserves your ability to drive yourself after the procedure (10 minute wait is required).

PRO-NOX is used in over 6000 medical practices nationwide. Ask us about PRO-NOX at your next procedure.

Please note:

We commonly use cooling techniques and topical anesthetics as an adjunct for pain. For particularly difficult procedures, we may use systemic sedation and injectable local anesthetics.”

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