Tattoo Removal

At Summit Laser Surgery, we are a medical clinic. This gives us the ability to remove your tattoo the right way and with less discomfort. Every patient is offered our unique analgesic gas PRO-NOX. PRO-NOX will make your experience much more comfortable with less anxiety. You can drive yourself home or back to work without any issues.


Tattoo removal can be painful. Don’t let anyone convince you otherwise. As a medical clinic, we are able to offer you pain reduction strategies, that most of our competitors can’t.

We are welcome to meet with you to discuss your treatment goals. The most important thing to have is patience. All tattoo inks are different. Each treatment takes only a few minutes.


Your health is our first priority. Laser technology IS a medical procedure. Our physician is prepared to minimize the likelihood of complications. But, should you have a problem, we are prepared to assist in your treatment and recovery, as well.

Pain and Anxiety Reduction

We are aware that most medical procedures, especially laser procedures, can be painful. Pain can also provoke anxiety. Our goal is to help minimize any discomfort. Our nitrous oxide/oxygen combination can make your experience significantly easier without the need for a driver.


Our goal is to achieve the best result possible by using state of the art laser technology. Whether it is tattoo removal, wrinkle reduction, or acne scar smoothing, our promise is to provide you with the best possible result availability with current technology.


Positive Review From Patients

Our patients rave about their positive experiences at Summit Laser Surgery. Read their glowing reviews and
discover why they trust us for exceptional care and outstanding results.

Jane Smith Client

I had an amazing experience at Summit Laser Surgery. The staff was friendly, knowledgeable, and made me feel at ease throughout my tattoo removal sessions. The results were outstanding, and I couldn't be happier with the outcome. Highly recommended!

Alma Steve Client

I was hesitant about getting laser skin resurfacing, but the team at Summit Laser Surgery put my worries to rest. They explained the procedure in detail, answered all my questions, and provided exceptional care. The results were remarkable, and my skin looks rejuvenated. Thank you, Summit Laser Surgery

Lane & Amanda Client

I've been struggling with rosacea for years, and finding effective treatment seemed impossible until I visited Summit Laser Surgery. The team understood my concerns and developed a personalized treatment plan. The results have been life-changing. My skin is clearer, and my confidence has soared. Grateful for their expertise and support.

Ortize Jane Client

Summit Laser Surgery exceeded my expectations in every way. From the initial consultation to the completion of my hair restoration treatment, the staff was professional, caring, and attentive. The results speak for themselves – my hair is thicker and healthier. I am incredibly grateful for their expertise and dedication.

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