Tattoo Removal



With Less Discomfort...

At Summit Laser Surgery, we are a medical clinic. This gives us the ability to remove your tattoo the right way and with less discomfort. Every patient is offered our unique analgesic gas PRO-NOX. PRO-NOX will make your experience much more comfortable with less anxiety. You can drive yourself home or back to work without any issues.


Your health is our first priority. Laser technology IS a medical procedure. Our physician is prepared to minimize the likelihood of complications. But, should you have a problem, we are prepared to assist in your treatment and recovery, as well.

Pain and Anxiety Reduction

We are aware that most medical procedures, especially laser procedures, can be painful. Pain can also provoke anxiety. Our goal is to help minimize any discomfort. Our nitrous oxide/oxygen combination can make your experience significantly easier without the need for a driver.


Our goal is to achieve the best result possible by using state of the art laser technology. Whether it is tattoo removal, wrinkle reduction, or acne scar smoothing, our promise is to provide you with the best possible result availability with current technology.

Now available

SkinIO AI Skin Cancer Diagnosis & Surveillance

Find skin cancer early


Positive Review From Patients

Certainly, we don’t claim to be perfect, but we do promise to be honest, empathetic, and understanding of your needs.  Our patients understand this and that is why they always return.  Read below how a few of our current patients feel about us and our care…..

I have some embarrassing tattoos that I tried to remove at a spa a few years ago. It was awful. Quite painful. While it did actually help fade my tattoo (a little), I was so anxious, I never went back. After hearing about the goals of pain reduction at Summit Laser, I decided to give them a try. They really made me feel comfortable. The treatment wasn't bad at all. Best of all, the gas they provided really helped with my anxiety. Now it is slowly going away. Yay!
Esther B
I never thought I would get rid of an ugly tattoo I got when I was young. Years ago, I went to a tattoo removal place that had me do a couple of treatments. I was so frustrated because it did not seem to go away. The folks at SLS took the time to explain that it is a process and that I needed to invest at least 12-18 months into the removal. They reassured me and explained the entire process to me. The doctor met me as well and follows my progress. I love SLS! TY!
Veronica H
Skin cancer runs in my family and I have tons of moles and freckles. So many, that I cannot tell what is bad and what is normal. The staff at Summit Laser Surgery are following me closely by using SkinIO skin cancer monitoring. I feel better knowing that EVERY SINGLE SPOT is being watched for change.
Amanda P
Summit Laser Surgery recently started doing skin cancer monitoring using an artificial intelligence system and I decided to give it a try. I also see the dermatologist annually. I love the thoroughness of their computer based system. I feel like it is too easy to miss a spot. Since I started doing this, they even helped me with a biopsy. I don't have insurance so this really helped. I cannot say enough good things about Summit Laser Surgery.
Melissa G
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